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Any way to check on specific flights?

I’m using the dump1090-fa .deb install on a raspberry pi.

In /run/dump1090-fa there are several history files. Is there a way to easily parse these files to look for a specific tail number? I’ve been adjusting my gain settings lately and want to make sure I am able to pick up the helicopter flights near me. They fly at erratic times, so I can’t monitor the GUI at a specific time to check.

They are json files. It’s not hard to parse them.
Look at the webinterface javascript (script.js, planeObject.js) for reference how to parse them.

Anyway this might fit your problem:

You can set an altitude filter and play at high speeds.
That should make it reasonable easy to find the helicopters.

Thanks for the reply. Your program looks interesting but doesn’t seem to work on my machine. I’ll keep messing with it and check out the javascript files you mentioned.


Anything more specific?

I’d like to try and fix it.
Does it show the website under /timelapse ?

What is the output for:
sudo journalctl --no-pager -u timelapse1090

Or was there a problem with the install?

It does work under /timelapse, thank you.

Just looks like a change needs to be made to the readme on GitHub. As of right now, it directs users to /timelapse1090, which gives a 404 error.

No problem with the install as far as I can tell!

Oh, that’s helpful thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll fix it!

Edit: Fixed!

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