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Question about local pi data

I’m new to this, only about a month in, but I was curious if there is a way to look at location data of flights my pi has tracked. I’ll give a brief use case for why I’m asking.

I was involved in public safety roughly seven years ago was involved in response efforts for a downed aircraft in my area that resulted in several fatalities. It was incredibly foggy that night and took nearly 5 hours to locate it. With the existence of this technology is there a way to possibly have a look at what I have collected and get the last location, to possibly help in a situation such as this (as a hobbyist)?

This is maybe a bit inefficient to scan through, but it does hold 24h of data:

If you are a bit more technical, you could use my readsb dev branch on github and use the --globe-index --write-globe-history flags.
That’s work in progress and it’s meant to be used with tar1090 and nginx.

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There is a daily aircraft dump script available from a different user:

Or his more advanced script writing into a database:

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FWIW, from the search and rescue angle there is also https://aireonalert.com/ which is a free-to-qualified-organizations service for locating ADS-B equipped aircraft in emergencies. The main gotcha there is that the Aireon receivers (hosted on the Iridium NEXT satellites) are downward-looking so they can have problems picking up ADS-B from aircraft with no top antenna. So terrestrial ADS-B coverage is still a good thing to have!

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@obj does FA offer any similar service, or possibly i’m trying to reinvent the wheel here and the FAA and CAP could have everything i’m looking for. I’m an IT guy now and a volunteer cop, so trying to always combine the two is interesting to me.

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Not as such, but we pass on data on request to help in accident investigations etc. Not really a real-time thing, though.

(FlightAware+Aireon also provide GlobalBeacon which is somewhat related, GADSS compliance - this uses both space & terrestrial ADS-B data)

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