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How to see recent flights on map?

Is it possible to see recent flights on a map? Similar to watching the map live, but from the past?

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There is this:

The script you suggested is for a local installation on your ADS-B feeder.
I assume the Thread Opener is asking for the FA map

You may well be right but the original poster was not very specific as to exactly what it was they wanted.

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I was taking it by the fact that he requested it in the general category and not in the ADS-B section.

But maybe he can give us some light on it.

Thank you for the replies. I was hoping for a simple method using the standard FA GUI, but if that doesn’t offer a solution, I’m interested in other options.

On a high level, I’d like to see other aircraft around mine during a recent flight.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to play back a flight and look at surrounding aircraft using the FA website or apps. I do know however that you can do this on some of the other tracking sites.

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A playback functionality is offered by Flightradar24.
This shows you the regular map, but based on your selected timeframe.

The playback speed is minimum 12x, but you can stop at a certain point for review

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Awesome, that’s exactly what I needed. Thanks!

By the way, the iOS app lets you slow it down to 1x if needed.