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Go back hours to see what was overhead?

I had someone contact me about low flying helicopters in our area around 1 to 2 AM. Is there any app or website where I can go back to see what was overhead at a specific time? A quick search didn’t show anything but my Google fu could be lacking. My antenna should have picked them up, since they were pretty close, but I didn’t hear them.

You can use tar1090 or timelapse1090 which is an alternative interface developed by user @wiedehopf, both available at github
There you can have a history
However this does not help with your specific question because it requires to be installed at this time.

Are you feeding Flightradar? Then you have a history available there as well.

I am feeding FR24 on my test pi, but not sure how to access previous history. I looked through the app but didn’t see anything/anyway to go back. Maybe I missed it, will look again. Thanks for the info!

i think it’s not fully working in the app. But you have easy access using the webpage on a PC/Laptop or Tablet