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Any new RPi announcements or special discounts on Pi Day?


Has anyone seen any new RPi product announcements or special discounts today (on Pi Day)?


I read somewhere there will be no product announcements this year, but very likely next year. Something along the lines of a more powerful Pi with on board eMMC, like the ASUS Tinkerboard.

As for discounts, nothing that I recall.


No new products. I checked on raspberrypi.org first thing this morning.
I was hoping for an RPI4 but we may have to wait until Feb 29 or March 14 2020.
I did buy two RPI 3B+s to replace a few of my older version. I had been holding out, hoping for the new model.
There is a new Odroid N2 due at the end of the month.
About 3 times the price of an RPI3B+ but eight core (well four high power and four lower power CPUs), 1G ethernet, better DDR4 memory, four USB3.0 ports, HDMI 2.0 and eMMC optional flash.


The article, or interview, I remember reading mentioned that keeping the price in line with current models is a factor when deciding on new products. Also, that they will likely have a custom made SOC, and for that, they need volume to justify it.


It wasn’t a complaint. Actually, it is probably only twice, if you compare both with PS and flash card.
CPU performance is up to 6-7 times better.
I do plan to buy one.


I did not take it as a complaint. I was just adding some perspective, based on the article I read.

The RPi3 is still selling well. Actually, demand for the RPi Zero W is extremely high. I wish they ‘pumped’ more of those out.


I found this a minute ago