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Pi 4B has been released

Basically its got more …

faster CPU
2x USB 3 (+ 2x USB2)
Ethernet with speeds that live up to the 1000T suggested

and power via USB-C


cough beat you :slight_smile:

(perhaps these two threads can be merged @obj ?)

A fan will be a good idea for the new RPi.

Even the 3B+ likes to thermal throttle sometimes, this one sure will.

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Nope - I beat you by 4min.

Given how many Pi’s get fans fitted, a dedicated 2 pin (or three pin) header would have been a nice touch.

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Another new release

Looks like USB-C isn’t he panacea to everyone’s power problems either

Not really. Same old issue of a few poorly made power supplies not working.
Not really directly related to USB-C.

Except that USB-C is promoted as a cure-all for power problems.
I get your point - the plug alone doesn’t tell you anything about the PSU supplying it.

I am hoping to convert to a lot of USB-C devices this year.
Iphone (typically due in Oct, announced in Sept), maybe Ipad(The pro already went USB-C) for my wife, Kindle Fires for my kids etc.

Micro USB to USB-C adapters are available at dollar stores here in Canada. Check your local dollar store.

Each of my RPi 3 B+ purchases from Cana had one USB A to C adapter included.

That’s a nice touch, and knowing how much they cost, not a big deal for them.

So it is not just the cheap power supplies can cause problems, but “intelligent” e-marked USB-C cables, too, maybe a thing to keep in mind when a power supply does not work at all.