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PI 4 Setup Advice

Hi All,

I am wondering wether a raspberry pi 4 official 15w plug (v5.1 3A), is suffice for the FlightAware pro+ stick Setup below?

The reason I am asking this is that, I am having Occasional warning about MLAT that the local clock is unstable. From doing some research I hear it may be the usb bus not supplying enough power or the CPU can’t handle it.

Currently the Temp of my cpu is about 38c and usage is only at 6%.

I have the latest Piaware 3.8.0 installed which has implemented the support for the PI 4.

Currently I have the following hooked up to the PI 4:

Tiny 5v 0.25a fan
Flight Aware LNA Filter
Desktop Antenna Moonraker Skyscan Desktop Scanner

I will be switching the antenna to and outdoor

AirNav ADS-B 1090 MHz Outdoor antenna with SMA connector

Cat 5 Ethernet cable
Sometimes connect the hdmi to the monitor.

I am happy to provide more details if needed and thank you in advance for any response or the time take to read this post.

I can tell you that i am running a Raspberry 4B with the offical Raspberry Power supply.
Connected is the blue FA pro plus stick and installed since a few days Piaware 3.8.0 as addon to Debian Buster. Before that 3.7.2 was working on it.

Connected is the device via WiFi to my network.

Issues: none
(beside intermittent network disconnects every now and then. workaround is a small script that checks network connection to my router every 2 minutes and restarts interface.)


Thank you, I will try to start from scratch at some point.

Using a RaspberryPi 4 for PiAware is a simple non stress task for this Pi model.

My Pi Zero runs at around 46c with around 60% CPU (not sure if these figures are normal) but it runs 24/7 and is currently showing 300 days plus uninterrupted use.


This can be anything from a faulty Dongle to USB overload(if other USB devices are used) to electrical noise.
You can try putting the dongle and/or RPI in a metal case, adding ferrite chokes to the USB power cable and USB pigtails(if used) or just trying another power supply.

make sure you are on the latest beta rPI 4 firmware, lots of fixes that really make it run cooler.

Pi4 B released

All issues of Pi4 fixed

2Gb version in price of 1Gb version.

I was about to click “Place Order” button when alarm went off and I woke up. :wink:

CPU load of the dump1090 process the last seven days. The device has nothing else to do.
An Rpi4 with 4 GB might be a little overkill for tracking flights only :slight_smile:

And the temperature (located outside in a partially isolated box with an active fan running at 3.3V).
The first few days after purchase it was indoor for testing (not on that graph) but never had temperatures >55°C.
I think the question regarding Firmware has been fixed with the models sold now.

My device was +5 Euro more than 2GB and +10 Euro more than 1 GB. So no question what i got :wink:

That was a useful read thank you.

I have nkw updated to beta, might consider moving to network boot soon.

Yes as I have upgraded my antenna now and placed it outdoors cpu usage is only at 21%

I have already tired a different t power supply which is the official 15w plug.

I have never hit over 40c with a tiny fan inside.

What package are you using to monitor your pi stats, I like the charts?

True nothing is perfect in life I guess.

Can you recheck that the altitude is set correctly?
I believe FA wants an altitude above the ground on your stats page via the cog wheel.
Also make sure you are using the correct unit, not sure if the page asks for feet or meters.

Also make sure you zoom in really far if you set up your location via the marker.
Otherwise use 5 decimal digits for latitude and longitude.

Could you specify the product name?

Looking at your stats, the outdoor antenna has helped quite a bit, which is expected.
MLAT also goes out of sync if you see less than around 3 ADS-B aircraft with good reception i would say.

Hi Wiedehof,

I have set my exact cords and the site had put an offset of 1km from it. Also using a measuring tape the elevation hight would be to 5M.

I am using this exact FlightAware 1090mhz ads-b bandpass sma filter:

Kind Regards,

Bashar Chriebati

Ah i see, and the receiver, blue prostick+?

If the location is set correctly, most likely reason for losing MLAT before was probably the somewhat weak reception combined with low traffic.

H i @wiedehopf ,

That’s correct I have a the FlightAware pro+ stick, one thing I have forgot to mention I own a few different sdr sticks and I get the same error. One of the others are new. I have tried different e-tickets and get the same issue.

I hardly get mlat planes as you mentioned, please find a link to my skyward dashboard below:


Kind Regards,


You won’t find MLAT planes that often, FAA mandated the use of ADS-B out starting with Jan 1, 2020, for most of the aircraft.
Only small craft, flying low, (GA) is allowed to stay as they were, but since the prices of ADS-B equipment dropped, I see more and more GA with ADS-B (or UAT in some cases).

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@SoNic67 that makes sense then, thank you for the info. Probably the CAA are going towards the same approach, this if they haven’t already done so.


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