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Any interesting trends from Covid-19

No, I didn’t. I thought I’d wait until the traffic has hit a constant level before I started tweaking.

Showing appreciation of the medical staff doing their best.


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I have been seeing a mild decline over the last two weeks - until today. I’m a little north of PDX, and on Friday the 13th and Friday the 20th I saw 826 and and 847, respectively. Today it was 462. The only other time I have been under 500 recently was on Sunday the 15th with 481.

Since I set up my site in the current configuration ~6 months ago, I have averaged between 800 and 1000 aircraft per day.

This is by far the lowest Friday count that I think I have ever seen.

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March 2020 Aircraft and Positions Reported. Lowest day was yesterday. Friday is normally one of the busiest days of the week.

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You guys don’t really have it that bad. Here in South Africa, well see for yourself.
This was clipped on Friday early afternoon - usually one of the busiest times for our airspace.
(Apologies for the FR24 pic).

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Traffic still deteriorating over SW Germany!

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One conspiracy trend in germany is that aircraft and helicopters are used for spraying sanitizers across the country.

Today i found the clear evidence :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Lots of spraying in the netherlands :innocent:

If you look at the top eight hundred stations in the FA statistics, only six of those are outside the USA. That’s unheard of in ‘normal’ times.

I think that demonstrates how tightly locked down the rest of the world is. I’m amazed that there aren’t more restrictions in the US regarding aircraft movement.

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We are completely shut down.

in the USA traffic is down, however i live near Memphis TN (the headquarters of FEDEX) and they appear to still be on a full schedule. a large percentage of my total traffic has always been FEDEX so my station has gone up a couple of hundred positions in the overall rankings because the traffic in my area is down less than most places. yesterday i noticed that i even passed keithma (this is also unheard of) in the rankings!

I agree, and i am dismayed at the numbers of people still choosing to fly.
I understand much of the flights are aid, cargo and repatriations but the skies over the US are a mess. Any advice on where i could go to see numbers re: daily passenger totals or bookings? who keeps those number?
anyway, cheers and thanks from the daughter of a retired FAA controller.

I get the impression that much of the reduction in traffic is due to reduced demand, rather than any official restrictions. That seems crazy, given what we are seeing in Italy and Spain who are fully locked down and still seeing awful death rates.

I saw this visualisation of how connected a single beach is, which really emphasises why restricting movement is so important:

I would assume that the FAA has that data for the US, but I don’t know whether they make it routinely available.

I saw this page published by EuroControl that shows current traffic details for European airspace:


The Bureau of Transportation Statistics publishes a month by month set of numbers, but the latest I’ve seen are not current enough.

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They will come, either this or that way

I’ve now dropped out of that top 800 and it looks like I’m going to be about 20% down today on yesterday. I think I’ve dropped around 400 places in the last ten days.

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Two (!!) Aircraft on a Saturday evening where normally 50-60 are active in my range.

In US there is still a huge traffic from New Your City to Florida. Many retired people have a winter house in FL, because of property taxes and other advantages (weather). The Floridians call them “winter birds”.
Well, now they are trying to escape the virus. There are not enough slots to park the planes in the airports.
Will bring COVID19 with them to elderly population of FL… Oh well, so it goes.

Meanwhile, this is my traffic, in the last 30 days, traffic that includes all the NYC flights to FL.


Fun Fact:

Lufthansa stores some of the aircraft at Berlin Airport BER which is not yet open and causes laughs all over the world as the “never open airport”