Antenna Length

… so configure piaware, plug in aerial and try and pull it out to 69cm as suggested for the 1090 frequency… duh, not happening,

The aerial that shipped with the USB dongle for the Raspberry Pi from only goes about 39cm. serious oversight… and now 2nd expense having to go and find a better one.

Any other South Africans reading this, where did you get a better aerial, at the moment I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3, thinking of replacing with a RPi Zero W that I can place in the roof and then stick aerial outside/higher.


69 mm for 1090MHz

The PiZero is cheaper, but doesn’t offer any advantage over a Pi3.
Stick with the Pi3

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and thats the only reason for the Pi Zero W, cheaper, to connect close to the aerial and place somewhere in the roof, with the aerial outside.

I’d rather dedicate a Zero that a Pi3 B


Pi Zero W by TomMuc Click Here

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I use a Zero and when comparing to a larger Pi there was a power saving using the Zero.

Naturally only a factor is running on battery.


Yep, fair point.
The ZeroW has about half the consumption of a 2b and a third of that used by a 3b+.

Didn’t realise it was that much but important if running on portable power.

Think I read somewhere that the Zero might struggle in a very busy area or with a decent outdoor antenna.

Mine is just an indoor setup, aerial supplied with USB tuner (on a can of course).

Around 12 miles from Heathrow, get around 1700 aircraft daily.


The zero can process about 800 - 1300 messages/sec. This range depending on how many messages are MLAT vs ADSB. The message rate is on the top right corner of the skyview map side panel. I would say that 98% of sites are running less than 1300 messages/sec.

If the CPU gets behind then messages will be dropped and not processed. So you kind of reach a plateau.
If you like running extra programs then you should be using the full size raspberry pi 3B+.

A selling point of the zero is the cost , $15 in the USA.

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