Bluetooth 1090 antenna


Hi to everyone,

I set up my Piaware yesterday and works great. Very happy about it. But I use a small antenna on a usb tv donggle by the livingroom window. I’de like to improove my range eventually and set-up a bigger antenna on my roof top. Instead of laying up cables and having to pierce holes on my house to let the cable in, I was wondering if anyone had infotmation about a bluetooth 1090 antenna and how to set it up and configure it on the Pi?

Tank you very much and have a great flight tracking time



The better idea is to move the pi outside too. Put the pi in a waterproof box with a wireless ethernet dongle and run 5 volts to power it. that way, the distance between the pi and the radio and the antenna is kept small.

a recycled snap-lid food container works fine, use a dab of silicone to seal the hole for the 5v power lead. Cut a 5v usb power dongle wire in half and extend it with any small wire you have to an outside plug if you have one, or a tiny tiny hole in the window sill for the wires before you hook them up.

Moving the entire thing outside just works better.

A snap top sandwich container holds the pi and the rtl-sdr with two small holes, one for the antenna, and one for the power lead.


I don’t think technology has gotten that far yet Joss although the scientists of you out there will no doubt correct me. I’ve yet to come across moving RF signals from antenna to receiver without the use of some cabling in between.

But wouldn’t it be nice!

In the meantime options a re, stick with quality cable or as posted previously, place receiver and Pi outside and run ethernet/power from inside.


Can you give an example of a wireless dongle? Well I suppose I know what one is but not how you tell piaware to use it if it is usb. Ethernet ones are too big for sandwich box?


$7.99 and tiny tiny.