New Piaware user here, looking for a sanity check

So I stumbled upon Piaware while tracking my Iphone 6S last week.

I got a RPI, and was not happy with the default antenna. I got the FA antenna and have it currently mounted in a window facing north as I am not able to get to my roof to possibly mount it there. Here are a link to my stats … tats-13373

Can anyone take a look and see if my figures make sense for my setup? Thanks!

Looks good to me bud.

You got the new antenna installed around 9/25. You turn off your machine from mdnight - 8am.
You have about 25 feeders within about 25 miles. You rank about halfway up/down in # of aircraft seen. Good start for an indoor antenna.
Welcome aboard.
Don’t know if this is a place for a ‘sanity check’ :wink:

actually this stays on 24/7. Last night I had a wifi issue.

If you were able to put the antenna outside the window held maybe 6" from any frame - you’d get much better results.

hmm, so even on the second story, just putting it outside the window a few inches would help?