Opinions on the flightaware piaware tracker

I’m looking into getting the piaware tracker, and i want to get opinions on if it is any good and also good places to put an indoor antenna for maximum range

PiAware works great. :slight_smile: We have over 13,000 PiAware sites around the world. Indoor antennas will not work very well in general. If you must put the antenna inside then it needs to be in a window with as much of a clear view of the sky to the horizon as possible.

I have a 3.3dBi 1090mhz magmount antenna in my loft, and regularly see ranges around 100-120nm with proper filtering and amplification. This does depend on your roof construction though - our insulation is pretty poor so YMMV!

I wouldn’t completely discount indoor mounting without trying it first as it will entirely depend on your location - windows do work but then you only have at best a 180 degree view. Signals at 1090mhz will more likely penetrate roof tile than multiple layers of brick, plaster, wood, etc. But this all depends on your location so try it out and see what results you get!

My FA antenna is in the garage. Not sure if that’s considered indoors or inside a radome.:grin:

My range is up to 250 km (sorry, I’m a metric guy.):wink:

The garage faces south, where 80 to 90% of the traffic is. I ordered a satellite dish J-Mount bracket, and will try mounting the antenna outside of the garage to see how much, if any, improvement I get.

think i might try it i was gunna set the piaware up in my room but i might try the loft then if you say the range is better. or i can try one site in my house one week then the other another week