Another very strange flight plan


This was just brought to my attention: … /KALO/KMSP

Looks like a giant bird feather in the sky! Anyone have an explanation of this traffic pattern?? - Robert


After looking at the Tracklog, Looks like some kind of issue with Chicago Center’s radar.
I’m guessing the actual flight path more or less followed the outer edge of those “feathers”, due to the nice storm line that was there that day.


Two simultaneous flights with the same flight number will cause that.


The history only shows one flight.
Also notice that each hit from Chicago shows the exact same speed, altitude and lat/long.


Oh, that is pretty strange.


He was really trying to avoid storms lol.


Looks like an NBC plane displaying their “Proud As A Peacock” image.


Obviously a bogus track. Look at the log - if you believe what it shows then there was Saab literally hovering for 6 hours :open_mouth: