Hmmmm.....Please explain this flight track:

What happened?


Gary in Pennsylvania

Hey Gary,

Check out for erratic flight patterns.

It may or may not pertain in your flight, but tracks of this nature have been brought up in the past.


This one is a little different from any of the others I’ve seen. Probably carries the same explanation though. Looks like the plane exploded symmetrically and FA tracked the various parts.

Looks like a much faster airplane had the same code for a bit there and was making a turn while the cessna was slowly plodding its way to Princeton. Probably an arrival or departure out of KEWR or KTEB or KMMU … Z/39N/KAVP … Z/KAVP/39N

Interesting, the star pattern occurs at the same place just SSE of Wilkes Barre.

Too much of a coincidence to be common code?