Phantom Aircraft on Airport Radar Page


Check out the plane circled in red below. It has a very long track line. I wanted to get more information on the airplane to see
what might be causing this effect (maybe two airplanes with the same flight number), so I refreshed the display immediately
in an attempt to produce flight information on it… (next image)

Now there’s two tracks and the plane is in an unexpected position on the map (red dot indicates position in previous image)

Since no flight data appeared, I refreshed immediately again and the plane was gone! It just vanished… :open_mouth:
Based on the previous two images, I put a red dot in the location where you’d expect to see the plane.

Has anyone ever seen this phenomenon before? Any ideas as to the cause?


Probably an AA Eagle flight; they’re the most common operator with simultaneous duplicate flight numbers due to AAL3xxx and AAL4xxx both operating as EGFxxx. Perhaps they landed at BWI or at least got close enough for ATC to mark the flight as arrived.