What in the world is this flight path?


I can’t possibly believe this a/c has been doing this-


I’m assuming its some kind of mess up but I’m not sure. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

JetBlast @ BWI :slight_smile:


Two flights with the same flight number.

26-Mar-2006	E135/Q	Raleigh Durham Int'l [KRDU]	Edward Lawrence Logan Int'l [KBOS]	04:51PM	06:39PM	En Route
26-Mar-2006	E145/Q	Dallas Fort Worth Int'l [KDFW]	The Eastern Iowa [KCID]	03:30PM	05:16PM	En Route


I’m no expert, but that looks like a very inefficient path from RDU to BOS. :wink:


haha makes me dizzy looking at it :wink:


the samething is going on with this flight is it actually over New York or not because the airpots are not near the fligh. (EGF744)


This has been noted a few times before; American Eagle operates many of the 3000-4999 flight numbers for American Airlines, and drops the leading digit, sometimes causing duplicate simultaneous flight numbers.


Here’s another-


Not a very efficient way to get somewhere is it? :slight_smile:

JetBlast :slight_smile:


The flight path looks like it’s an mapping flight.


Yeah, the N15NW flight is legit. Probably aerial photography, surveying, facility inspection, etc. Note that they’re VFR.


How can you tell if it’s VFR?


It was airborne without a flight plan – the most recent IFR flight was 10 days ago.