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Anomalous Flight

Pull up a map of YXE and look at the flights nearby. NE of YXE is a flight with ESTIMATED in the hovered text. It indicates AFR8599 B77W SFO CDG. If you click on it, you get what appears to be the actual data, a flight going to Guatemala. Is there a bug causing this anomalous display? It seems like an extant current flight with live data should purge this estimated data.

Edit: Looks like maybe the previous entry never ended. Perhaps the flight number got reassigned or something?

Maybe someone just entered this flight incorrectly? https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AFR83/history/20191223/2325Z/KSFO/LFPG

AFR8599 looks like a codeshare that should not have been emitted as a separate flight. I have reported the issue internally.