Anomaly AFR11

Flight AFR11, regularly scheduled from JFK to CDG, shows diverted to HKG on several occasions in the last couple months.

I know that this did not happen. Anyone knows who feeds this inaccurate tracking data ?

My guess is it is maintenance being done in HKG and we are receiving a few positions that are not being handled correctly.

We have put in a fix to prevent flights like this from appearing. It looks like it was ADSB ground positions that caused a flight plan to be created. The fix should prevent flight plans from being created with such limited data.

Dear FlightAware Staff,

Thank you for your responses and attempts to resolve the issue, however, I must point out that the same anomaly repeated for flight AFR11 of 11 March 2017.

Actually, this flight departed with a 5 minute delay and arrived at planned destination 8 minutes early.