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For the past 2 weeks no info from Central America (CENAMER/COCESNA) is showing on FlightAware. There was a similar outage last year around February but it only lasted for a couple of days. This seems to be a larger outage. Just a heads up as maybe it might have gone overlooked and a lot of users depend on this data including myself to track a lot of internal flights around Central America which only show up this way.


Where specifically are you seeing missing data? How are you consuming the data, is there a geographic area (more specific than all-of-COCESNA-coverage) affected? I see COCESNA data flowing so it’s not that the feed is down entirely.

For example, here’s a couple of flights with COCESNA positions:

Hey obj,

Yeah well I believe ADS-B flights as usual are not affected because the tracking feed is separate. Though you are right, when a flight is in CENAMER tracking, if you check the Track Log, it will show any of the radar antennas that pick that flight up so the tracking is working I believe. I think that it specifically pertains to the flight plans filed; they just don’t show up for any of the region’s airport. For example, here in MROC we have a flight ADB3972 coming in from Houston at around 1230z and it should be filed already but it won’t show up, even when they takeoff, the flight will not have a “destination” because FA can’t recognize where it’s headed. Same goes for any GA flight coming from Guatemala, Honduras, etc; the flight plan filing does not show up. Think the problem is there and not the tracking/coverage part.


These are all due to SJO in the morning and only N702GH shows up because the flightplan was pulled from the FAA feed. N744C is about an hour out and does not show as en-route.

I can’t see anything immediately wrong - we’re still receiving flightplans and nothing seems to have changed recently - but I’ll pass this on to the flight tracking team to see if they can find anything.

FWIW out of those tails, the only flight info we’ve heard today from cocesna is for N702GH and D-BOOM (and D-BOOM hasn’t departed yet). Looking at historical data, the majority of flightplans we get from cocesna are for larger commercial flights, there’s not much private stuff that I see.

Ok sounds good. GA flights do show up and anything filing within Central America shows up and for every airport. I can confirm there is something wrong because we could see all of those flightplans a few weeks back, now they rarely show up. D-BOOM for example is coming from KBCT around 1500z and still does not show up as filed to MROC.

I was previously looking for a change a couple of weeks ago per your initial post (and didn’t find anything). Looking earlier I do see a change in what we were receiving about 6 weeks ago, from approx Aug 27 - does that fit with what you see at all?

I don’t recall not seeing certain flight plans that long ago (I think its like 3 weeks) but it might be related. For example, I know that D-BOOM is scheduled from KBCT this morning and you mentioned seeing in the COCESNA data but if you try looking up that flight, there is no scheduled departure to MROC and it won’t show even when it takes off. There is a “broken” link somewhere between the flightplan messages and showing up on the en-route/scheduled departure tabs of each airport and it’s only for Central America and flight’s that don’t cross US airspace (because those are pulled by the FAA unless it’s a European registration that for some reason the FAA feed just ignores and it’s been like that for years)

So far it looks like an upstream problem somewhere - we stopped receiving one type of message from cocesna which we relied on for flight creation, and the remaining message types aren’t used but there’s enough residual data arriving that the usual watchdogs that look for feed failures didn’t fire. I passed this on to the team that looks after that datafeed.

Sounds about right, would make sense because if flight tracking inside CENAMER shows up with the proper radar antennas that means it has to be a minor issue pertaining specifically to flights showing up in the schedules. I appreciate you taking the time to look in to this and hopefully they can fix it! Thanks again.

Any updates? Had a few flights in today that the flightplans did not show up. Issue is still there. Thanks!

I’ve passed it on but no further news right now, sorry.

Ok cool. If you need me to write out an email explaining the issue more specifically to the team I can do that no problem. Just let me know.


Hey obj,

Any news? Been checking for any updates but still no flightplans are being created/filed for the traffic around here. Let me know if you need more information to pass it on to the feed guys.



We’re coordinating with the upstream provider to have this data restored. I’ll update when they have resolved the issue.

How does this look now?

Hey Obj & Conej. Did not reply to the thread but the issue was resolved about a week ago and is working 100% now. Great job on getting it working again, FA is the best!


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