consistent discrepancy

At KPUW there has been some consistent discrepancies lately. Air France does not opperate out of this airport. Not sure if this is the right place to post this either soo…ya :smiley:

It’s probably that thing FlightAware does with code share flights. I’ve never understood why they want to share code share flights as though they are real flights.

AFR9692 is listed in the Air France timetable as operating from SEA to PUW. BUT, it’s a fake Air France flight because, as indicated in the timetable, it’s actually operated by Alaska (in real life, it’s operated by Horizon).

FlightAware is also showing the real flight (QXE217) and is showing the same flight as DAL9162.

I wish FlightAware would just show the actual flight rather than attempt to show the other “flights” that are code shared onto the flight.

ahhhh ok, that explains some of the QXE2217 stuff too. thanks for the reply

While it may not work the way it is now, I think the use of showing codeshares somehow is important to flight aware for those who are not aviation related individuals who are checking flight status for someone they are waiting for. The code shares are weird enough for us who know about them, but for those who happen to have a freind waiting on an Air France flight aren’t going to have a clue what to look for.

I certainly understand that showing codeshare flight numbers is useful for people not familiar with the practice, but showing only some of the codeshare flight numbers seems pointless. For example, on QXE215 (KSEA-KPUW) there are five different airlines with flight numbers for that flight (Horizon, Alaska, Delta, KLM, Air France), but only Delta is being show currently.

Additionally, it is not uncommon now for one flight to have five or more codeshares, and while having all of that information is useful, it also takes up a lot of space on the page. At a major airport like KORD, the 11-flight listing on the main page for the airport might only have four or five actual flights.

I seem to remember reading something about Alaska or Horizon being a paying customer of FlightAware and they want it that way. Or something like that.

No. that’s something different. It looks like FA is propagating the scheduled flight plan as QXEnnn but Horizon then files an actual flight plan which shows as QXE2nnn. Not always but often enough to be annoying.

Annoying is for sure.
Those double, triple and even quadruple flights sure take up a lot of space. I wonder if FA couldn’t generate a “special” page for the paid customers like Horizon or Alaska or whoever and a “regular” page for the rest of us freeloaders.

It’s a bug, two actually, due to both codesharing issues (Delta) and the use of different flight numbers between ticketing and operations.

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