Duplicate Flights


Don’t know if this is a problem on other airports but Pittsburgh seems to have a lot of duplicate flights, same times with different flight numbers…


Seems to be system-wide bug. There’s an Alaska SFO-SEA flight (12:55) with four different flight numbers, none of which are valid when checking the AS site’s flight status. In addition, the actual flight (ASA305) is shown with a later (13:15) departure.

Some bug caused by the upcoming winter schedule change ?


Same thing in MCW for the last few days, a lot of extra flights with false flight numbers.


Looking into it, appears to be an issue with airline->airline->regional codeshares.


And here I thought Sky West had tripled the number of flights along the central coast today.


This issue should be cleared up by Monday.


Good morning. Just wanted to note that I’m still seeing a lot of extra flight numbers, for example enroute to CYVR and CYYZ.


There’s still some flights from yesterday that haven’t cleared but all the future flights that haven’t arrived look fine to me without any duplications.