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Android power supply - help required.

I’d like my android device to supply data but the battery life is limited so I’m finding that the device powers down, normally when I’m away from home.
I want to connect a constant power supply as well as my ADS-B dongle.
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a Samsung Galaxy Tab S dual power supply and micro usb cable please?

Many thanks…

Have you tried using a powered USB hub?


What you want is an OTG hub which allows powering of the phone as well as USB ports. All at the same time.

Here’s one here, but there are many different types.

Thanks for the suggestions.
The main issue with the hubs is that most don’t actually charge the device at the same time.
I had considered wireless charging while the device was transmitting data but typically the tablet I have doesn’t support this function.
For the price of the cables and hubs i’ll pick a couple up and see what they can do.
Thanks again.

I’d just use the android device is a wifi hotspot (unless you have wifi there) and just feed of a raspberry Pi.

You can use the android device to monitor the Pi (put an SSH client on the tablet and you could modify the setup too)

This will work mobile … the only problem with it is that Flight aware know where your base is and this setup could be used when mobile or on vacation and might dis-believe data if it came from too far away from your regular position.