Source for Powered OTG cable?


Morning gents,

Am looking at using my old Android phone for a second receiver…

Have used OTG’s etc etc in the past, but I’m blowed if I can find an OTG cable that…

a) has a single USB socket, and
b) actually powers the phone as well

(All those I’ve seen on ebay and Amazon say they only power the attached USB devices - not the phone?).

Can someone share a link to a source of known-powered OTG’s like this?



The Valarm cable and the ZhiZhi dock listed on our Android FlightFeeder page are two options:

Be aware that the device compatibility is limited to only certain manufacturers and models.

If wireless charging is an option for your device, that may be an easier route to power your phone while you power the dongle using the OTG cable you already have.