UAT 978 Mhz on Mobile Device (Android)

UAT (978Mhz) signals picked by “ADSB Receiver (Avare ADSB)” on my Android device (Samsun Galaxy S4).

Device located in Toronto

No internet connection is required to display map & data

how do make that?

You will need:
(1) An Android device which is OTG capable.
(2) An OTG cable
(3) A DVB-T USB Dongle
(4) An antenna connected to dvb-t dongle.

Go to Google Play Store → type adsb in search → list of adsb Apps-> install “ADSB Receiver” (will show its name as Avare ADSB after installation). After installation, start the App, and go to “Options”. You will find two options 1090 Mhz and 978 Mhz. By default 1090 Mhz (ES) is selected. Change selection to 978 Mhz (UAT), and restart the App.

Left photo is how I hooked up the hardware. The cable between DVB-T dongle and Android device is OTG cable.

Right screenshot is table of aircrafts when this App was set to option “1090 Mhz (ES)”. I forgot to take screenshot of table for "978 Mhz (UAT), but it is similar