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Off Topic - ADS-B on Galaxy Tab2

I was just wondering about ADS-B on my Galaxy Tab 2 I have a USB-OTG adaptor and a USB RTL820T dongle tuner that I use on the Raspberry pi.

This app cost £1.56 (about $2) from the google play store … I’m amazed how well it works

Only problem is it seems to cane the battery - I think I need to find an OTG (On The Go) lead that can run the USB dongle and act as a charging lead at the same time.

BTW. was running from 8th floor of an office block in Central Birminghan (thats where the first ‘N’ is in ‘ENGLAND’ - with the dongle antenna behind the glass of an east facing window.

This must have been running on cached maps since I don’t have access to the works wifi.