R820T2 Chip Discontinued


Dongles should be fine for now, but I thought some might find this interesting…

RTL-SDR Article Link


I just saw the RTL-SDR Blog post, and was about to post here. I first saw the announcement yesterday on the AirSpy list, and it sounded ‘bad’. With the additional details from the RTL-SDR Blog, not so much.

These dongles are a tremendous value for money. I don’t think ADS-B monitoring would have taken off as it did without them. The RPi is also part of the success, of course.

I have 5 or 6 of the generic dongles, with both the T and the T2 versions of the chip. They are not as good as the Flightaware version, but work. Hopefully Flightaware is already looking for alternatives, if production of the chip ceases completely.


And of course FlightAware with its Piaware software and pulling it all together.

So FlightAware is a business using the data to make money. But as long as they give me back the data I want, I’m fine with that.