Running Flight Feeder on an Android Dongle. Sort of works?


Just to be a little different, I decided to try running Flight Feeder on a cheap USB / Android dongle given how well it works on my tablets. I would have just used my old 1st gen Nexus 7, but I’ve found no way to use OTG mode and charge at the same time.

In any case, I’m using an MK808B Plus running 4.4.2, which is really designed to be a media center on a stick. I hooked it up to the TV, got Wifi configed, added my Google account and got Flight Feeder running. Feeder runs flawlessly, but I’m having trouble with it Autostarting and detecting the RTL stick. I’m using a USB mouse to navigate, but as soon as I unplug it, it reprompts to set the stick as default, something I obviously can’t do with no pointing device. My best guess is removing the mouse changes the USB enumeration.

I figured out that if I boot it, then plug in the stick, Flight Feeder launches most of the time, but it still randomly prompts to set the RTL USB stick as the default device at times.

My goal is to get it to boot and reliably start Flight Feeder headless - it’s not much use if I have to keep it plugged into a TV. Any suggestions? The device comes rooted right out of the box. If I can get this to work reliably, it’s a super cheap, super easy way to get an ADS-B feeder going.