And this is why I won't fly on Russian Airlines....


Here is a very interesting video of 2 Russian airline pilots doing a little GA flying on their day off. One is a 737 pilot, the other a TU-154 driver. Brings a whole new meaning to Highway Patrol.

Many thanks to the folks who maintain this great site. Have a look, there’s tons to see. … -Wilga.wmv


Those guys are nuts, but I do want a Wilga soooooo badly!


You and my son.

They’re an incredible aircraft.


The Wilga is definitely cool, but I’d rather have an Aircam. Open cockpit, twin engine, pusher that take off in less than 200 ft and can climb 2000 fpm. Specifically designed for the National Geographic Society to be used as a camera platform in the most gawdawful places. ohhh yeah…Giggity giggity giggity.


haha, he flipped off that oncoming car towards the end!! Those magnificent Russians and their flying machines!!


That’s 1:30 I’ll never get back. It’s not a total loss as I enjoyed the scenery.

…And what’s with the Wilga lovers flipping off people on the ground? It’s not like we can see it! :wink:


Well maybe that’s it… they’re like the internet trash talkers behind computers and annonymous …put them in a Pietenpohl (sp) or PT-19 or something open cockpit and see if that finger becomes a wave.


That’s just how they fly in IMC over there…that’s all…


This from a guy who has over 2000 post? Talk about time you’ll never get back…