AN-124 daily to Puerto Rico


Been noticing lately that every day from a different airport the AN-124 is flying to Puerto Rico. They change the flight number so there is no historic tracking. Just interesting that they fly aid in from different airfields. Perhaps easier to organize the volume needed.


Try clicking on the “Tail Number” link to see the aircraft’s prior history.


Many of the flights(AN124; IL 76) are being funneled through Cecil Field(KVQQ) in Jacksonville FL,


Try clicking on the “Tail Number” link to see the aircraft’s prior history.

What Tail Number Link?


The one under “Aircraft Information”


Don’t see that on mine


You’ve got me stumped.:confused:


I don’t see it either. Under aircraft info I can get all type in the air. Then under that is all photos of type.


See - seeing tail numbers require an enterprise account (or an active ADS-B feeder site)


We flew into Kissimmee in Orlando a few weeks ago and came right over top of Orlando International. I saw one of the An-124’s sitting on the cargo ramp.That thing is so cool; I wish one day I could see the AN-225 in person!


AN-124, Reg #: UR-82073, arriving KATL from TJRV at approximately 8:35pm EDT.


Another one, currently enroute from KDMA to EDFH.


Doing some research, the flights have been bringing Electric equipment from the company that they just canceled the Elect contract for. Not saying good or bad on the contract, but they were bringing in equipment and are working until Dec 1. They say redoing the contract will add 8 to 12 weeks in restoring power. Earlier today there were 2 A-124 departing flying behind each other, one to Jacksonville, the other to Atlanta.


FlightAware has a page to filter by aircraft type.

This will show all the AN-124 in the air.