American Airlines flight 4210 5/18/15

I flew American Airlines flight 4210 on 5/18/15 from PIT to STL originally scheduled for 1:30pm. Due to a maintenance issue (supposedly having to order a part from LaGuardia), my flight did not depart PIT until well after 9pm.

I noticed at the time that and flight tracking websites did not indicate this delay at all (i.e. showed it as on-time or just didn’t show any information), however I did not record or save any of this tracking info.

Since then, I have emailed and tweeted back and forth with AA customer relations and they repeatedly deny that my plane was anything but on schedule that day. Is there any way I can pull the tracking data from FlightAware for this flight? Or is there any other way to find proof that I sat through an 8 hour delay? (I did, I swear). Nothing I currently have in my possession proves this unfortunately.

I don’t normally complain about flight delays, but this one was particularly bad, and it is the 5th 2+ hour delay out of the last 6 flights I’ve had on this route. I feel that American owes me some sort of compensation, and they refuse to do so because their records on my flight are grossly inaccurate. Looking for a way to prove it…

Flightaware only has record of LOF4210 operating BDL-PIT that day. That means it operated PIT-STL under some other number.

However, this does confirm that the aircraft didn’t even arrive in PIT until after 4:30 PM. … /KBDL/KPIT

Does it not seem odd to everyone that the 1:30pm PIT-STL flight is a regular daily flight which you can see a distinct pattern for in that list you linked to, yet on 5/18/15 it is mysteriously absent?

I don’t see how that confirms that the aircraft didn’t arrive in PIT until after 4:30pm, because I sat at the gate nearly nonstop from 1:00pm to 9:00pm and the same aircraft was there the entire time.

It seems to me someone did something fishy with the records on this aircraft/flight. What other possible explanations are there for this? And where else could I find records of this flight if it is absent from FlightAware?

I believe I responded to your request through our support email as well. But I will also post here to ensure you saw my correspondence. It appears the flight operated as LOF210A and the link to the flight is below. … /KPIT/KSTL

This flight will not show that it was scheduled at 1:30 as it was filed later and is a different flight number than the original LOF4210.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

CBW - great, this is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Is there a reason why airlines would pull a switcheroo on the flight numbers like this? Other than to hide the fact that it was delayed 8 hours?

Nothing nefarious… if you notice they just appended an A to the flight number. Allow for possibility of 4210 flying it’s additional leg with another aircraft without confusing ATC…

Also, If you do not see your flight when searching for a flight number, you can always use to search by origin and destination.