American Airlines at SXM


There’s a new webcam for SXM. Pretty cool actually.

I’ve been watching a while and everyone departs on runway 10, except for a few American Airlines flights, which said they “require” runway 28. Any ideas as to why AAL seems to be the only airline with this requirement at SXM?


Are they they A330 flights? That could be the reason. I have seen videos from last year of AA A330s departing rwy 28, but perhaps this year AA is requiring that they depart on 28 due to the mountains off the departure end of 10. The engine out performance of a fully-loaded A330 is not very good.


I just looked back to Sunday’s departures, and one of them could have been an A330, but the other was either a 737 or A320.


Check that…my original post was from Saturday, and I didn’t see any A330 departures from AAL that day.


I love the webcam; been watching on and off as much as I can. It never gets old watching them come in right over the beach. We went years ago while on a stop from a cruise so only got to stay an hour or 2 but got to see the air France a-340 and a few others; it was awesome! Hope to go back and spend some time there but looks like the beach is pretty crowded all the time now days.