American Airlines A300


hello, i have 1 question… do you know what aircraft is goin to replace the

A300B4-605R from AAL???

What do you think?


Carlos S.


I think they are going to replace it with an aircraft of at least 2 engines with the latest automatic pilot system. This system will consist of one dog and one human. The human will sit in the left seat. The dog will sit in the right seat. The dog’s function is to bite the pilot in case he decides to touch the controls.


very funny dude…!!!


but seriuosly, what do you think?

i think it could be the new A350 or the 7E7 dreamliner… i dont want them to retire that aircraft i love the A300!!! they are th perfect aircraft! they combine the digital stuff and the old stuff and the look of an modern airliner in the inside and in the outside…

Carlos S.


Should I, folks? You know - the grammar thing…

Carlos - I’m pretty sure they won’t retire the A300 because of your love for it. I know the major airlines didn’t get rid of their 727’s due to my love of them.

However, I think they should get the 787 (in case you missed it, it is no longer called the 7E7) Dreamliner. Buy American and get a better plane.

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As much as I can’t stand A300s, AA will stick with them for some time.

I don’t think that American is due for any kind of aircraft buy anytime soon. When they do, they’ll probably go for the 787 to replace their 763s and A300 in several years time.


Short term: I’d expect AA to replace the 300s with 767s that are being “displaced” from their busier routes by 777s.

Long term: Look for some 788 or 789s to replace the A300s and the 767s, with perhaps a few 783s for the busier routes (along with the aforementioned T7s).

The bigger question for me is what the heck is AA gonna replace their MadDogs with? I know they are buying some 738s, but can these be used in ALL of the MD’s routes efficiently, or are they going to order something a little more compact for some of the shorter-haul, lower yield routes?


well i know that much companies in all the world like one of our Ecuadorian Airlines are buying EMBRAER 170-100 or 190, those would be a nice option for AA, they are modern, and with all the things for short hauls…

well thanks for responding my subject!!!




Unlikely for American to to purchase the 170 or 190 due to contract with pilots’ union. In any case, they would be operated by American Eagle.


well yes, oeprated for American Eagle, but someone said sort hauls; replaced the MD’s for EMB170-190… thats my opinion

well i really dont have no idea what aircraft is going to replace the 300’s but i go forward for the 787 and the A330




787-3 would be the obvious choice… maybe 787-8 for increased payload (IIRC the A300 are on routes with a lot of below-deck cargo) and flexibility.


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Second oldest joke in the book.
The first is:
ATC: Cessna 34 Charlie, Say altitude.
Cessna: "Altitude"
ATC: 34 Charlie say ALTITUDE.
Cessna: "Altitude"
ATC: 34 Charlie, say "cancel IFR"
Cessna: Six thousand feet.


Here is what I think will happen to the A300’s. Not a thing, at least for several years. First of all, there are NO new airplanes coming onto the property. Not AA, not Eagle. Contractually, all jets of over 50 seats (except the ones already at Eagle) have to be flown by pilots on the mainline seniority list. So no, Eagle will not be flying larger regional jets. There are no new 777’s or 767’s coming onto the property, so they cannot replace the 34 A 300’s with those. The A300 is excellent at flying passengers and a lot of freight in the Caribbean, and there is just no reason that they should stop doing so. 34 airframes is enough for the company to keep a C-check line going at the Tulsa maintenance base, so you cannot say that the fleet is too small. There are no 787’s on order (yet), so any talk of those displacing 767’s and 777’s in the next few years is just pure speculation. That’s OK, that is what makes reading these forums fun.
As for the MD-80? It is not nearly as fuel inefficient as many like to believe. It hauls a good load (140 passengers) from Chicago to the west coast, and it does it pretty darn economically. The airplanes were inexpensive to purchase, not too expensive to maintain, and are well liked by people who hate to sit in middle seats in coach. With 2 - 3 seating, there are not that many middle seats, unlike a 737 or 757. I think AA will hang on to those airplanes for a long long time, probably until the next generation 737 replacement comes along, sometime after 2010!


Nice point dude!!! awsome, this forum has cleared all my doubts…

thanks to all!