Aloha Airlines/AirCargo


How does one go about getting the tracking data for Aloha Air Cargo corrected/restored? Currently, the tracking data that is available shows up as “Aloha Airlines”. Formerly part of Aloha Airlines, Aloha Air Cargo became an independent cargo operator following the closure of the passenger airline, which ceased operations in 2008.

I suspect that since the airline information is not up-to-date this is the reason for the aircraft data to be affected also.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I changed the name to Aloha Air Cargo, so it should go into effect hopefully within the next day or so.


Actually, if you want to get technical, the official name is Aeko Kula dba Aloha Air Cargo … O+KULA+INC


@captaink727 Thanks for the corrections and taking care of it so quickly!


Hey there! Just noticed that the operator name was updated but incorrectly. It should read “Aloha Air Cargo” but mistakenly reads as “Aloha Cargo”, missing the “Air”.

How do we get the aircraft information updated as well?

Thanks in advance!