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Aircraft Identification Errors

I’m really liking what FlightAware is providing but I’m unable to get much, if any, correct or up-to-date information for Aloha Air Cargo. Can anyone help or direct me on how to fix these issues. 7 aircraft in it’s fleet, but can’t get any proper info on any of them.

  • N301KH B737-300
  • N320DL B737-200
  • N840AL B737-200
  • N842AL B737-200
  • N843KH SAAB 340 A
  • N844KH SAAB 340 A
  • N845KH SAAB 340 A

Would greatly appreciate any help with getting the service inline with Aloha Air Cargo and it’s aircraft.


Their flight plans would appear under their call letters “AAH” plus flight number (they wouldn’t go by N-number). You can go to “Live Flight Tracking” then “Browse by Operator” and put in AAH to find their current airborne aircraft.