Mountain Air Cargo - Old Data

First time I’ve come across this one. While attempting to track Mountain Air Cargo activity with FlightAware, all I’ve been able to receive is old data from the August time frame. I know these flight numbers are good because I’ve verified them with my Flight Tracker and with FlyteComm. What gives?

Try looking for the flights without the leading M (so TNxxx instead of MTNxxx).
This is due to a known bug we’re working on resolving.

Update: This should be fixed now. I see a half dozen MTN flights in the air at the moment.

Wow…thanks for the quick response. You guys continue to impress.

Keep up the great work.

Your tip helped out greatly. Found the histories on all the flights I was looking for. Really appreciate your assistance.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth here, but it sure would be nice to have a wild card feature associated with airline/carrier identifiers. Would cut my work in half.

Anyway…I know your getting around to it.