Allen Iverson's flight into Denver...

On SportsCenter, they showed footage of the arrival into Denver, and the registration of the Gulfstream was clearly visible, so a quick check here confirmed a PHL-APA routing…interesting to know who the owner of the Gulfstream is…a quick search turned up a fake company registered to a house in New Canaan, CT, and I cant find any obvious connection between AI and anything there…though the fact that the Gulfstream ferried in from nearby Bridgeport, CT, makes me believe its more than just a quick charter…anyone with ideas???

Showed up on this page:

And this page has a lot more info:

Some more details:

Nice pictures, but they dont say a heck of a lot about the ownership…

Well, I would find it interesting that it shows up on the Fleet page of Global Air Charters.

As to the fake company, no one owns an asset like that under his/her personal name. If my airplane were to go down any claims beyond the $100MM insurance would wipe us out. That is the purpose for LLCs and corporations!

It is very rare that someone who owns an aircraft like this would have the aircraft registered using his home address as John B. Kjekstad has in this case.

However, when a person leases his aircraft to a charter service, there is tremendous separation between the owner and the clients. When our aircraft flies I rarely know who is on it until after the trip is over unless the passengers decide to voluntarily sign the on- board guest book or otherwise waives privacy such as the recent charter featured on PrivateAir Magazine. That’s just the nature of this business. However, we can set conditions as to who travels such as three very common ones:

  1. No smoking.
  2. No Michael Jackson with children.
  3. No Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

We once had Mr. Iverson on our airplane and I only found out about it because the management folks knew that I was also a Georgetown alumnus and thought I may know him as I knew Patrick Ewing.