Alleged finance crook Madoff's jet tail number?

In spring 2008, Madoff took delivery of a gray Embraer Regional 145, his London secretary tells the Daily Mail. I think it would be hangared in NYC area.

Any ideas on how to find the tail number?

Link to article on Madoff, which references his plane: … adoff.html :confused:


It must use a different callsign, for instance Flight Options. Just the tail number doesn’t turn up - it leads to a C421 that last flew on February 16, 2007.

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Thanks for the reply, folks. I’m a newbie to flight tracking, so I don’t know what you mean by Flight Options. Is this another website that also tracks air travel? Or did Madoff (and possible co-owner) restrict access to their activities? For instance, I used to follow the plane of Angelo Mozillo, former Countrywide CEO, but then access was restricted.

Flight Options is the name of a fractional jet operator.

They use the digits in their aircrft registration as the flight ID (e.g. OPT413). The aircraft shown on their home page - N300LX - however, cannot be tracked by entering OPT300 because this registration actually belongs to a Extra EA-300!

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He has a share in a netjets Citation X… and a Legacy. the Legacy if now for sale

N18BM is/was correct, several pictures on the net and a pic in the DailyMail article.


IN (uk)

…sorry, forgot to mention its likely to be found under a TFF (Talon Flight)callsign, unless blocked.


Could be:

Maybe a Vegas local could run out to the airport and check?

Looks like its available for charter from Talon Air.

TFF34 has visited such locales as Nassau, Las Vegas, Cote D Azur, and the Cayman Islands. Seems to fit a guy like this.

it does go by tff34 its based out of kfrg and recently its been acting kind of wierd.It was scheduled for flights and said it had completed the flights but then those flights dissapear from the history…any clues?

it was up for sale for 14m usd rumor has that it was bought

looks like the company that has been managing the plane has purchased it or something as the have reserved the tail number N924AK.
they have a lot of pictures of it on their website.

Can someone give me an idea how flights disappear from flightaware…searching TFF34 on flightaware does not reflect the planes true travel history since his arrest.

N18BM is registered to BDG Charter (also on the Talon Fleet) and it is owned by the Blumenfeld Development Group out of “300 Robbins Lane; Syosset, NY 11791”, same place that the N Number is registered to. So I am going to go out on a limb and say that this is not Bernie’s a/c…

Ed Blumenfeld was his partner in the plane but it seems someone has purchased it. Talon must have put up some money for it though, beacause its taking a N***AK tail