Wayne Newton


Does anyone know Wayne Newton;s flight number, Does he still own his own plane or fly private, Any help is appreciated as I am a HUGE fan, Danke Schoen!


Try N3WT0N


N500WN is a Fokker F28-1000. It’s registered to his home address. He parked next to me once at my local FBO. edit: And yes, I felt little. His plane is huge and he’s much taller in person.


Thanks for all your help, it is appreciated, I tried to track the tail number for the Fokker and flightaware doesn’t seem to locate it, I will keep digging online, Take care


Strangest thing when you do a search for N500WN. You find three different airplanes that all held that registration at the same time. A Lockheed Jetstar, a Gulfstream G-I, and Wayne Newton’s Fokker F28. The other two were de-registered, but in pictures, they all still had the tail number on the airplane at the same time, just not flown nor scrapped (yet).

I wouldn’t be surprised if he flies under a flight number, I’m sure there are individuals do as another means of not being able to track. That and for this reason:



There’s specific requirements for being able to fly under a flight number rather than the aircraft registration. One of them is not for privacy purposes. If a person doesn’t want his aircraft tracked then all he has to do is block the tail number.

see Section 4 of the FAA Contractions publication for the criteria.


You’re 100% right on how it’s done, I wasn’t meaning this as how to block your aircraft, I know how to add people to the BARR list, I gave that as a reason just to throw it out there. With that being said, you’re right on for the method, but just like how people create bogus company names for tax reasons (i.e. 123 Alpha Mike Corp.), it’s very easy to do the same thing. You are 100% right though that there are many other criteria that you would have to work with, but it’s not as difficult as one would think; at least I would’ve guessed it’d be a lot harder.


I was thinking his plane is probably flown under a flight number. If the plane is managed by XYZ Air Service it could fly as “X-Ray 500”.


I landed behind a N400WN (Jet Commander?) at ABQ in 1977. We both went to the same FBO and rode in the same car to the airline terminal for lunch. This guy was in the back seat with with a funny voice, his shirt unbuttoned to his navel and so much gold it couldn’t be real.

After lunch I called for a ride back to the FBO and rode back with the same group including the guy with the funny voice.

I was paying for my fuel and the funny voice guy was on the pay phone. “Tell your daddy Wayne Newton called and I’ll be there at 4:00.”

Frank Holbert


I flew for him a while ago. We used the aircraft registration. But that was in the days before blocked registrations or Flight Aware.

Actually it was before the internet.

And personal computers.

(gonna be in the back of a big bird next week for a week of R&R)


That must have been right in the midst of white belts, bell bottoms and porn star good looks.

Enjoy your trip home and your first frothy beer! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well thank you, actually I don’t remember having a white belt.


I friend of mine flew that F-28 for about a year as a shuttle for the software co. that sold it to Wayne. It’s actually really nice for a dinosaur.


Wayne’s plane N500WN has been involved in some legal issues at PTK, I have seen it shuttled all around the airport at various times.


Good news for the Wayne Newton Fan, he can probably have his F-28, just negotiate the 60 thousand dollars he owes the FBO.

Aircraft has been for sale for several years, doesn’t fly anymore, and in fact most likely will never fly again.

Click Here for news story.



Wayne Newton’s abandoned jet rots at Mich. airport

WATERFORD, Mich. - Officials say singer Wayne Newton owes a Detroit-area airport more than $60,000 after abandoning his plane more than three years ago and leaving it to gather mold.

Oakland County International Airport President Joe Borgesen says the plane once worth about $2 million was flown into the airport about 25 miles northwest of Detroit to have interior work done that took about a year to complete. He said Newton, who is known as “Mr. Las Vegas,” initially paid storage fees but then stopped.

Borgesen estimates moving the non-working plane would cost about $30,000.

A woman who answered the phone at Erin Miel Inc., the entertainment company owned by Newton, told The Oakland Press on Wednesday she is aware the plane is at the airport but provided no further information.


lasvegassun.com/news/2009/ju … -unpaid-b/

Wayne is about to lose everything…


2/25/10 AP

Police say sheriff’s deputies were turned away from Wayne Newton’s sprawling Las Vegas home while trying to collect a $500,000 court judgment.

Las Vegas police said Thursday that guards at Newton’s house refused to accept documents, and moving vans and Clark County sheriff’s civil division deputies left after less than 45 minutes.

Police say the case now returns to Clark County District Court, where a judge last June ruled that Newton owed his former pilot more than $400,000 in back pay.

A lawyer for pilot Monty Ward told the Las Vegas Sun the amount due topped $501,388 last month and is growing at more than $125 per day.

Ward’s lawyer, John Muije (MEW’-jee) and Newton representatives did not immediately respond to messages from The Associated Press.


Life comes at you fast… http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/CheckM8/MCHammertime.gif http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b8/CheckM8/hammertime.gif


I drove past his las vegas home the other day and saw his plane getting setup on his properity.