Alerts OVERLIMIT Question


The following is from the documentation describing the value returned from calling the “SetAlert” service.

“Returns a non-zero number (the alert_id that was added or updated) on success, otherwise an exception is raised. An error string beginning with “OVERLIMIT” means the user has exceeded the maximum number of enabled alerts permitted by their account type; consider disabling or deleting some alerts, or request an account upgrade. An error string beginning with “FLOODWARN” means that the new alert was rejected because it was predicted to exceed the number of alerts specified by the “max_weekly” argument.”

Now I have my free flightaware web site account from which I can currently schedule up to 5 alerts. I get it. At the same time, I have a developers API key which is billed based on my usage of the API in accordance with the pricing schedule. I get that too.

My question becomes: As a developer with a pay-per-call API key, is the number of “SetAlert” requests that I can make still tied to my “Registered” level flightaware web site account? So currently I would only be able to call the “SetAlert” API 5 times before hitting the “OVERLIMIT” response? But if I upgraded to a “Premium+” account I would be able to call "SetAlert’ as many times as required by my application? I’m not complaining about the premium, I am just trying to understand the pricing model.

Thanks for your help.



Alerts created through FlightXML are not subject to the 5-alert limit on normal accounts. There is no enforced limit to the number of FlightXML alerts you can create using SetAlert.


Thanks again for your quick response. I was just confused by the inclusion of that response code. Forward momentum resumed!