Set Alert Not Working


I am trying set push notification in flight xml.I have registered my endpoint successfully.But when i try and set alert to receive for the e_depature event for a airport on one day it is giving an error saying.


{“error”:“FLOODWARN: This alert will trigger over 1000 flights a week. Please make it more restrictive.”}

URL TRIED:{16%20e_departure}

Kindly Help as if i am doing anything wrong ASAP… … &channels={16%20e_departure}

That is by design to prevent you from accidentally creating an alert that returns more results that you were expecting. You can specify the max_weekly argument to SetAlert and explicitly request the maximum number of alerts per week you are willing to accept. Keep in mind that you will be charged for each matching alert that is attempted for delivery to you.

I tried setting max weeking 50 then also getting same error{16%20e_arrival}&max_weekly=50


{“error”:“FLOODWARN: This alert will trigger over 50 flights a week. Please make it more restrictive.”}

Am i missing any arguments

If max_weekly is not high enough, the SetAlert will not succeed. That argument doesn’t disable the alert after that limit–it prevents creation of an alert that is estimated to produce more than that many alerts.

Setting the Max weekly to more than 10000 worked for me.First I thought it would restrict the alerts after the specified limit.Thanks for clarifying that it will be only used to enable or set the alerts…