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Error on SetAlert: "DISALLOWED: multicom_add_trigger_tracking..."

Hi team

I’ve been exploring the FlightXML v2 API and love all the data. I’m now trying to set up the push notifications (as we need to receive notifications for specific aircraft registrations, in particular e_filed and e_departure).

The endpoint is setup and working, and the call to RegisterAlertEndpoint was successful (returned 1).

The test page (https://flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/send.rvt) is sending alerts to my endpoint and the message is being received correctly.

However, when I call SetAlert from Postman, it fails with the following error (user id correct but anonymized here):
{ "error": "DISALLOWED: multicom_add_trigger_tracking user 00000000 not allowed to edit trigger 4 for user " }

Here is my SetAlert call:
https://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/SetAlert?alert_id=4&ident=XXXXX&origin&destination&aircrafttype&date_start&date_end&channels={16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}&enabled=true&max_weekly=1000

What am I doing wrong? Have I missed a step?
All other API unit tests have returned data successfully.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Why are you specifying alert_id=4 in the call to SetAlert? The value for alert_id should generally be 0 to create a new alert, or -1 to upsert an alert, otherwise an existing alert id (that you got from a previous SetAlert/GetAlert call).

Hi @bovineone
Thanks for the quick response.

Because I mis-read the documentation, about 50 times. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight. I’ve tested using alert_id=0 and it works (of course).