SetAlert target_address


Hello everybody,
I am new here and enjoying working with FlightXML 2.0, I am using Python.

My problem is that I have to distribute the alerts I receive to different users, but alerts do not include an alertid, so I don’t have an easy way to determine the person who should be receiving the alert.
I read that the channel parameter on SetAlert has a target_address, how do you specify that? does any one know? Would this allow me to solve my problem? Any Ideas.
Thanks to all.



Thank you for writing in. I have passed your question on to our developers and they should respond here in the near future.


Hi, I think I got my answer, the alert I received last night contained the alert_id !
thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I think they were probably just overlooked on your end earlier - the alert_id has been a part of the FXML2 push alerts for quite a while.


Is there a way to setup an Alert for any flight from an airport to another airport ?


Sure; set the origin and destination but leave the type/airline/etc params blank.


Thanks ottergoose !