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How do I get all alerts (SetAlert) for a specific airline?

I’m trying to use SetAlert to receive all alerts from a specific Airline. I’ve tried to send the ident as ident:{match ident AAL*} and ident:AAL but I have not received any alerts.

I want to know the departures, arrival, change, and other alerts of an Airline. How can I do that?

I created the alert below but I didn’t receive the alerts from this airline (AZU/AD).

The alert:

                "alert_id": ,
                "enabled": true,
                "description": "Registration/Tail # AZU",
                "type": "General_Aviation",
                "ident": "AZU",
                "user_ident": "",
                "aircrafttype": "",
                "origin": "",
                "destination": "",
                "date_start": 0,
                "date_end": 0,
                "channels": [
                        "channel_id": 16,
                        "channel_name": "FlightXML push",
                        "mask_summary": "meetingFlight",
                        "e_filed": true,
                        "e_departure": true,
                        "e_arrival": true,
                        "e_diverted": true,
                        "e_cancelled": true,
                        "target_address": "*****"
                "alert_created": 1614794493,
                "alert_changed": 1614794493