No alerts arrive for subscribed flight


I’m using the API ‘setAlerts’ in order to subscribe to alerts for various flights,
I pass

“channels”: “{16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}”,

Which should return all alerts, but in some instances I don’t any alerts.
For example:

AZ 806
UA 084

All flights from today March 18, 2018.

What can be the reason? thanks.


It looks like the alert was registered successfully for flight AZ 806. Here’s the times and alert summaries sent for your account’s registered endpoint.

Time (UTC) Alert Summary
2018-03-19 07:11:49 AZA806 filed a flight plan FCO → TLV
2018-03-19 09:15:47 AZA806 flight information has changed
2018-03-19 09:18:03 AZA806 has departed FCO for TLV
2018-03-19 12:07:23 AZA806 arrived at TLV from FCO

There have also been many messages sent for flight UA 084 too.

I found the issue in my app the did not handle it properly.
Which brought me to another issue, which I want to know how can I detect it, I registered to flight RO 153, but the flight was done by a different company then that one that was listed - 0B 170 or BMS170.

Is there an API which I can use in order to detect such changes?

When known, requests like FlightInfo automatically search codeshares. When this occurs FlightInfo will return the identifier of the primary operator instead of the original search term in the ident field.

In the case of AirlineFlightSchedules, the alternate_ident field show the name of the primary operator if the searched ident is a codeshare value.

I see okay, thanks again.
By the way, can you please check if any alarms were sent to our endpoint for flights:

AZ 823
W6 4427
U8 100

At this time no alerts have been sent for those listed idents. It looks like the alerts were created after the most recent flight was complete and no new event (including flightplan filing) has occurred since then.

I see, okay. So no alarms were sent by Flightaware for these flights then?

At the time of the original post: correct. Since then many alerts have been sent for the listed flights.

Hi again,

On march 26th, I’ve subscribed to Flight LY1 from Tel Aviv to New York, and did not receive any alerts.
But did receive alerts for other flights I’ve subscribed to.

Did flight aware generate any alerts for LY1 on March 26th?

It looks like the previous alert window configured for El Al 1 had an end date of 2018-03-25. The next alert window set starts on 2018-03-29. This means that no alerts were generated on 2018-03-26.

Okay I understand, well according to this

The end_date & start date will be rounded to whole date, so if I pass a timestamp ‘1522398952’ that translates to ‘Friday, March 30, 2018 8:35:52 AM’ it will be rounded to ‘March 30, 2018 00:00:00’ ?

That’s correct. The timestamp will always round down to the nearest whole date.

If you’re seeking alerts for a specific instance of a flight the faFlightID may prove more useful as the ident since the start and end times would not be needed.

So just pass ‘ident’ to ‘SetAlert’ without end & start times? but it will send me constant alerts for this flight am I right?

Correct, so long as the faFlightID is used you will only receive alerts for that single instance of the flight. For instance this scheduled El Al 1 flight has the unique faFlightID of ELY1-1522186200-schedule-0000

FlightInfoEx requests can be used to find faFlightID values for flights up two days ahead of scheduled departure.