Flight Alerts in pricing


Please, tell me in pricing page flightaware.com/commercial/premium/ row Flight Alerts(e-mail, mobile, etc.) its about Push Notifications that come to alert_endpoint that I have set in RegisterAlertEndpoint ? And number is a setted alerts or count of flights in setAlerts list?

The pricing for delivered FlightXML push alerts is charged in the same manner as a “class 2” FlightXML request.

You can see “PushAlert” shown in the following pricing table: flightaware.com/commercial/flig … _class.rvt

Thanks. But what does that mean this column (Flight Alerts (e-mail, mobile, etc.)) in Premium Accounts?

And at now, I’m working with Push Alerts. In documentation specified that: Not intended to be machine parsed, since this text is localized and the formatting is occasionally altered. So please, can I localize push messages?

The premium account types only refers to the number of alerts that you can create on the website, which is not relevant to you. When you create alerts using FlightXML, there is no limit enforced on the number of alerts, but you are charged for each call to SetAlert and each resulting notification that is attempted for delivery.

The localization of the messages is associated with your FlightAware account’s language selection. You cannot individually change the localization of each alert, if that is what you were wondering.