About flight delay implementation


Hello All,

I am making a application that using FlightAware for flight schedule information and I would like to make a function is about flight delay but I am facing some problems on implementation.

First, If I need to monitor a flight delay status change, am I need to use “Set Alert” in class 3 for notify the system and use “PushAlert” in class 2 for receive the push message? Am I describe correct? I can’t sure the meaning of “Set Alert” and “Push Alert”.

Second, Once I notified the system for monitor a flight, if this flight changed the status many times, what is the counting of charge? Is count 1 times fee or multi times fee? I am confuse on this part.

Thanks for your time everyone :smiley:


“PushAlert” is not actually a function you can call. That is just the billing class at which each generated alert will be charged. You only call the “SetAlert” function to create the alert, and then wait for the alerts to get triggered and sent to your endpoint.

It’s not necessary to be too aware of the particular classes that each function is grouped under. The purpose of the classes is just to allow you to be aware of what the differences in prices are.

Each time a notification (flight plan filed, departure time changes, departure, arrival, etc) is sent to your endpoint, that is one charge of the “PushAlert” event.