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Setting an alert and price

Hi there

I am not sure if I got it correctly: let’s say I set an diverted or cancelled alert for a flight.

As long as the flight is neither diverted nor cancelled I woudn’t get any push sent at all and thus the diverted or cancelled alert would never generate any class 2 priced query.

Is this assumption correct?


The general assumption is correct. PushAlerts are only billed for alerts that are triggered. If an alert is set, but is never triggered there is no further billing outside the SetAlert costt will occur.

thank you for your reply.

So if I understand you correctly, the setup of an alert is indeed billed even if there is no alert occurring for the mentioned flight.

Setup an alert would trigger SetAlert Class 3 query price?

I am not FlightAware staff, however in my experience, and is laid out in the documentation, yes, SetAlert is a billable query.