Airports with issues

I think it is interesting how when it is convenient area surrounding airports is developed to the hilt, now all of the suddon it isn’t right: … y_overruns


I think it is interesting that there is a lot of hype about this.
75 in a ten year period is a pretty good rate in my opinion, considering the thousands of flights that operate every day from those major airports alone.

Many of these 75 incidents are likely minor, such as FLG4712 which skidded off the end of a runway in icy conditions with no injuries at all.


Big problem is that people not only purchase houses extremely close to airports, but they actually build new subdivisions in the flight paths of airports! And then the people who buy them, complain to the government about the noise and other problems!

Next to the Henderson (Nevada) airport a subdivision is going up. They actually had a sign that said everything is “location, location, location.” I wonder how many of the people who buy there are going to start complainin about the airport.

ALL…just like everyone living in Crystal City, and Alexandria VA in their high end pads that just went up around not in the distant past that went up around an airport that has been there for a very long time. Toll Brothers built an all estate style community with homes at the peak of the realestate hype went for $900,000 and up…right next to 19L/01R at KIAD…they all sold.

Don’t forget the people in Truckee, CA that gripe about aircraft constantly, which has made Truckee a pain in the arse to fly into at times.