Thought I would start a new topic about airport activity, or interesting activity at airports.


Good topic I’d thunk myself…

Did you have something specific in mind, or something like flyins, airport construction like new runways / terminals or something else in mind?


Maybe talk about anything that’s happening at your home airport(s), besides any accidents.
For instance, for me would be KSEE. We’re awaiting FAA’s blessing to turn on the relocated PAPI & REIL lights for 27R after the displaced threshhold was moved during runway repaving. Also, the Wings Over Gillespie show was cancelled this year due to…drumroll…high fuel prices.


KGJT has some good activity. A lot of military stopovers for fuel, a pattern work. One of the controllers has great photos on Flickr (AVSFAN). EDW has good variety also. My home KPVU… Boring.


I was just thinking anything general that you thought was interesting at your airport. My main airport is SEA.


Well we’re expanding for the 15th time here. Putting in a rather large shipping air/land(train and truck) cargo area. Which paves the way for a larger terminal expansion in two years or so.


The closest to me Huntsville Internatioanl(KHSV) just built a new tower that is now ready for operations,the new tower is 228 feet(290 with Antenna) compared to 90 feet for the old tower.I get to see all kinds of Military aircraft paassing thru due to nearby Military bases and other airports being kinda busy.Huntsville will have an Airshow June 28-29 to tie in with the end of Armed Forces week featuring the Blue Angels and Golden Knights.


PBI - New tower construction should be starting soon. Big debate over the FAA moving the TRACON from here to Miami. FAA starting an environmental study regarding the lengthening of 9R/27L ( GA runway ), which would give us parallel ruways. Even with the lengthened runway, we would not have simultaneous operations due to those parallels being too close together.


I’m in Courtland, about 33 miles west of Huntsville. I looked up and saw 5 or 6 contrails close together almost directly overhead about 20 minutes ago. Could that be the Blue Angels arriving?


It may have been both BA-9(Fat Albert) the C-130 and B/A s arrived this morning,the C-130 Arrived about 0950 Am local and the others arrived about 1000 or 1005,did an low approach to 36 left and landed 18 right.


My home airport is KAZO.
We had some diversions today due to weather at Ohare, but up north at GRR they got a 747 from NWA.


The Stanley Cup made a stop in Harbor Springs last week on this flight.

I was at MGN Monday last week during my lunch and didn’t know it at the time but saw Kris Draper getting out of his car with his two kids getting ready to leave.


Yesterday around 5:20 a “fighter” jet went over my home. Not sure what it was- as I’m not familiar with military aircraft. It had two wings in the rear. Again- pretty cool- as it was probably about 5000 feet high. But man was it zooming.


I had the opportunity to fly a King Air to tiny, middle of nowhere, San Manuel, AZ (E77) last week and liked it so much, that I took my father down there on Saturday for breakfast in our A36. E77 is your typical friendly, small town airport with a couple 150’s, 3 rows of hangars and everyone knows everyone. I called ahead to arrange a ride to the restaurant from the a/p and was told to talk to a gentleman named Parrish Traweek who manages the a/p, runs the flight school and resides in the “first hangar from the runway, two doors down”. Dad and I strolled over to the hangar, found Parrish and his “hangar crew”, and proceeded to inquire about the ride. While chatting, I happened to notice a young girl sitting in a chair, reading, with her knees propped up against the empennage of a beautifully restored Ercoupe. Parrish introduced the girl as Jessica Cox. She looked up at us, smiled, said hello and went back to her reading. Big deal, right? Well, as we chatted with Parrish, something caught my eye that brought my attention back to Jessica, what was it? … -two-feet/


You had me hooked with “Parrish introduced the girl as Jessica Cox”! Been following her career in various publications and online for a while now. Parrish wrote an interesting tale of how he started teaching her some time ago in EAA SportPilot (IIRC) and how the Ercoupe was an almost perfect fit for folks with physical disabilities.

#16 … /KIAH/KDCA

Had an emergency landing at MSY today,

A Continental spokesman said the flight, bound from Houston to Washington, D.C. suffered a cabin pressure
loss during which oxygen masks dropped, prompting the crew to land at the nearest available airport…


Here’s the tracklog for the COA458 flight on July 22, 2008. The clickable link is not (yet) available on this flight’s FA history page.


Replacement B737 goes to KMSY COA9980
Sick plane goes back to KIAH COA9960. Note the 8000’ filed altitude.


And then on to DCA only about 7 1/2 hours behind schedule. :open_mouth:

Just heard that Ron Paul was also on this flight. … /KMSY/KDCA


Have a somewhat rare visitor on the way to MSY today, the 764. … /KIAH/KMSY

and turns back to IAH on … /KMSY/KIAH

The flight is normally a 753 but they swap in a 762 or 764 every now and then.

Also hearing John McCain is heading to MSY today but don’t see anything filed yet.