Airports don't show up, along with other problems

Ever since the change to the new map formats, I haven’t been able to track a flight or view the activity around an airport. I am using Windows Vista and IE8.

Problem 1. Map area is blank(white) on the airport tracking page. On the bottom left corner of IE8, it appears to be loading something, but after a few minutes nothing loads, the page refreshes and cycle starts all over again.

Problem 2. I’ve identified that when I hit the stop button, the map of the specific area loads with all of the tools, but the marker locating the airport is not there.

Problem 3. This is similar to problem 2, but when I attempt to track a specific flight the area where the map would be is blue. When I hit the stop button, the maps loads but does not show either airports or the airplane.

I’ve done the Session Diagnostics - FlightAware and everything seems to be loaded properly and it says I’m running the appropriate scripts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It sounds like you’ve got a bad/corrupted file cached. Pull up an airport page and hold down ctrl (I think it’s still ctrl for IE, it may be shift now) and reload the page. Does that improve anything?

I tried holding down shift and refreshing along with ctrl. Still no go. Hmm?